Saturday, April 18, 2015

A Poem by Sarah Thursday

To Hello Kitty from My Little Pony at WE Labs

It's Christmas outside, green/red lines stretch out like a cat at noon.
I am galloping in the stars, cutting holes in the sky like crescent
moons.  But it's almost morning and I need a place to rest, be quiet
and color my pages in rainbows, like silver trees in purple lakes.
Hey, Kitty, did you get over your grudge?  Green/red eyes you keep
blinking at me.  I'm not listening to it anymore.  I'm choosing to
throw my reins out the window and not look back.  I can bring you
back flowers from windowsills stolen from dreams of honeycombs
and lucky charms and horseshoes (yes, I get the irony.  I always get
the irony, it's what I do).  So are you in or out?

Sarah Thursday calls Long Beach, California, her home, where she advocates for local poets and poetry events.  She runs a Long Beach-focused poetry website called, co-hosts a monthly reading, and just started Sadie Girl Press.  In addition, she co-founded Lucid Moose Lit, a small press focused on social justice issues, with Nancy Lynee Woo.  Her first full-length poetry collection, Aall the Tiny Anchors, is available now.  Find and follow her on, Facebook, or Twitter.

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