Thursday, May 15, 2014

Two Poems by Diane Webster

Express Checkout

The busy checkout clerk constantly
looking down at grocery items
sliding across the scanner
in beep, beep, beep accuracy
constantly flips her long, straight hair
back over her shoulder
as strand by strand by fanning cascade
it obstructs her view
flip after flip after flip
as the short-haired checker
in the next aisle over
lefts and rights items
in a steady crowd toward
the harried paper or plastic bagger
only able to catch up
when cash, check or credit card
seal the deal.

High School Reunion

These people are the mothers and fathers
answering my knock
to let me come over and play
or to pick up Carolyn
to see the new horror movie
playing at the Pix Theater.
Who stole my fastest rival in PE?
Who made up the acting class
with natural-looking gray?
Boy, those pillows look great
as paunches and big butts!
And who’s that over there?
Can’t read his name tag.
Not close enough for bi-focals.
Too much facial hair;
not enough on his head.
Perhaps he’s a husband,
and I really don’t know him.
Boy, these people are old!

Diane Webster enjoys the challenge of picturing images into words to fit her poems. If she can envision her poem, she can write what she sees and her readers can visualize her ideas. That's the excitement of writing. Her work has appeared in "The Hurricane Review," "Eunoia Review," "Illya's Honey," and other literary magazines.

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