Sunday, May 11, 2014

A Poem by Leland Seese

Until Next Time

I feel safest when I am held
by the corner of the kitchen counter
where I tuck myself in
with the sink at my left
and the stovetop at my back.

It feels like warmth,
like coffee brewing and bread toasting,
clean like plates just out of the dishwasher,
like onions sweetening on the hot skillet.

I stare at the broken door
of the refrigerator.  My hands
still shake with adrenaline
from pulling him away
before he tore off the whole door.

I stand in the corner
calming down and girding up
for next time.

Leland Seese is a pastor in Seattle, Washington, and, along with his wife, Lisa Konick, a foster/adoptive/biological parent of six children.  He has previously published poetry in The Christian Century Magazine.


  1. Certainly hope to see more work from Leland Seese,

  2. Spare, exquisite, Zen. Big insights in a few brilliantly crafted words.