Monday, April 7, 2014

Three Poems by Alan Catlin

Blue Nudes

Not melting as stop watches do
in desert heat but as bodies do
as seen through half-filled
glasses; white wine and colored
water, attenuated edges aglow in
focused light, writhing as if in
anticipatory pain or pleasure;
these revelations, this nakedness
so dangerous they never touch.

Dawn on the Fringes: A Still Life with Piano
The piano is an emblem
suggesting creatures from
another world, metempsychoses
and partial hallucination, real
time measured by glowing busts
of Lenin rising from the keyboard
like poison mushrooms, death watch
beetles, spiders with hourglasses
painted on their carapaces; 
decaying body of a dead ass laid
to rest beneath the propped up lid
of a baby grand; the apotheosis
of Homer or the nostalgia of cannibals?
For the Angel Who Announces the End of Time
This could be the world after
End Time: the sea dissolved in
sunlight, hard baked into deserts,
exposed shells thick as colored glass
nothing is reflected in, the steel
plated arch to nowhere sightless
birds perched upon flexing their
bloated wings as if they were
bladders of sulfured tea. Once
punctured, a killing rain is released,
slowly descending like some primordial
ooze, challenging the laws of gravity,
on to the unprotected heads of those
lost and wandering below, sun struck
and amazed at the chemical hues,
sunsets that expand the view beyond
the limits of conventional sight.
Alan Catlin has been been publishing since the seventies earning him the  title Venerable Bard, not toe be confused with the Venerable Bede, an entirely different kind of writer.  He has published a number of chapbooks and full length book including a chapbook of surreal poems illustrated by collage artist Michael Shores titled, “The Insomniac’s Gift”, which was nominated for a Bram Stoker Book Award.

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