Monday, December 2, 2013

A Poem by Ahab Hamza

Archers Lament
This isn't a night to stop
Moonlight, a shining sky
Points to a weeping heaven,
Those silver kisses falling
Soothe the earth like raindrops
And not a cloud to be seen,
Those grumpy old women
Frowning themselves to sleep
Evil eyes aglow, I couldn't care 
From within me, anything
Comes. From the flame
I fly, lovingly dazed
Your grace, scars exquisite
Beyond nature. They sing
To me and I've answered
The sweetest pain upon your back
Draws me inexplicably, stupidly
A pursuit tortuous, gratifying
Here we'll sit by the fire
My soul to rest, your heart to 
Upon thwarting death again
The banal forgotten
Worn out, my spirit would sleep
And yet I wouldn't change a thing
Promise us misery and adventure
Hold me and I'll kiss you always
Worship the altar of your angel's 
Ahab Hamza is a university student born in Birkenhead on 27th November 1993. He has been featured in The Recusant's The Robin Hood Book anthology, Forward Poetry's Animal Antics anthology of 2012 and the spring 2012 issue of Inclement Magazine. He was also short listed for the 2012 erbacce prize for poetry

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