Monday, December 30, 2013

A Poem by Bianca Davies-Mears

I Watch the Crows' Breath Fly Across Purple Ink Stained Sky

Jack Frost has kissed your cheeks and although I am a bit
jealous, I wish he'd do it a hundred more time because
I've never seen you look so beautiful.

There's a pressure on my chest and my breath is short,
but refreshing.

And though I would love to deny this familiar feeling,
seasons change, and now the snow is falling for you

Just like you,

It's cold, but beautiful.

Bianca Davies-Mears is a junior English Educator major at Illinois State University in Normal, Illinois.  She hopes to become a high school English teacher and encourage more creative writing in her future students.  She spends her free time watching TV, reading books, and listening to music because she loves to take journeys through many different imaginary worlds.

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