Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A Poem by Cherise Wyneken

Reading the Signs

Ancients watched the night stars
spill from the sky
and wondered,
what changes do the gods divine?
“We’ll wean him
off the respirator –
less oxygen each day,”
the doctor says,
I watch him now, plugged into
machines, gasping for his life,
and wonder,
am I the one being weaned?
Cherise Wyneken’s individual articles, stories, and poems have appeared in a variety of publications, two full collections of her poetry, two chapbooks of her poems, a spiritual memoir, a novel, a children’s book, and a children’s audiocassette, plus her latest book, “STIR-FRIED MEMORIES,” stories about her life.   Cherise has also been writing a poetry column for the Oakland Examiner’s online issue at:  www.examiner.com/poetry-in-oakland/cherise-wyneken and was nominated for the 2013 Poetry Pushcart Prize.

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