Saturday, August 17, 2013

Two Poems by Diane Webster


I crack the window barely an inch
and like cats hearing
the can opener’s first buzz
everyone flings wide every window,
knocks each other down
to rev air conditioner to high cool,
rolls out hurricane fans
that plaster unsecured papers
to window screens bulging to bust
out the debris like a
decompressing airplane porthole.
While I pray for a ray of sunshine
all my own that follows me like a halo
so I can bask like a mama cat
with her young nestled
in a contented wad
of feline fur and purr.



My cat lies on my lap
as I sit in my chair
in front of the TV
until she closes her eyes,
and her head nods
heavily on my leg
as she jerks in kitty dreams.
I smile
until my leg jerks,
the cat jumps
with claws seeking traction,
and I realize I missed
the last program due to
the sleeping duo
who woke up
to go to bed.

Diane Webster realizes poetry ideas present themselves daily. Diane’s challenge is to remain open to the opportunities and to write as soon as possible. Diane’s successes have been printed in “The Old Red Kimono,” “Rockhurst Review,” “Wilderness House Literary Review” and other literary journals in print and online.

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