Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A Poem by M.V. Montgomery

Rainforest Honeymoon
This was to have been a working honeymoon:
the two of us were staying at an Amazon resort.
You asked me to bring you back some soap.
In the lobby, I was helped into my all-red uniform,
looking somewhat like a tree frog.  For you,
I stopped at the counter and pocketed a package,
apple-scented, half red and half green.
I then set off to explore before my shift began, 
abandoning the atrium, observing the uneasy
integration of commercial stalls and real jungle.
I ended up in an unused corridor, far away. 
The iguanas had reclaimed the terrain.
They were poised on the branches, silent.   
M.V. Montgomery is a professor at Life University.  His short story collection Beyond the Pale will be released by Winter Goose Publishing in May 2013.

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