Monday, May 2, 2016

A Poem by H. Edgar Hix

Julie & Ginny

Born to each other:
you rested your lips against her breasts;
she rested her lips against your forehead.
You have been against each other ever since.

Who can blame you, her nailing you
into this body without your choice,
mother of blood but not of soul.

Who can blame her, you forcing yourself
out of her body, breaking umbilical blood,
drinking her milk but not her mind.

Born to each other.
The bond is quantum elastic:
blame without guilt, guilt without crime.
Perhaps it is all the father's fault.

H. Edgar Hix is a Minneapolis poet with a variety of employment backgrounds, including legal secretary (mainly in Legal Aid offices), computer helpdesk, analyst, library clerk, and warehouseman.  Recent publications include Right Hand Pointing and Time of Singing.

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