Saturday, May 21, 2016

A Poem by Carol Amato

Man Walking, in Spring, 
Singing, With Umbrella

A sweet vibrato.
Stone-gray sky.
A shrouded sun deciding
perhaps to dim its
conflagrations to watch
other giant stars collapsing
dramatically onto themselves
into black holes

those wormy tunnels
like Alice's tailspin
fury-swirling to multiverses
and the point of singularity
in which all physical worlds
    cease to exist.

the unpredictable;
the dark energy.
Man, walking, singing, with umbrella.

Carol Amato's poetry has appeared in several magazines and journals, most currently:  Avocet, A Journal of Nature Poetry, Blue Line Journal, the Chaffin Journal, The Aurorean, Jellyfish Whispers, Poem, Storm Cycle 2014 (Kind of a Hurricane Press); Prey Tell:  A Collection of Raptor Poetry, Pudding Magazine, Owl Moon, A Raptor Anthology, and others.  One of her goals is to express the interconnectedness between humans and nature and to explore the mysteries we share.  While her first love is poetry, she is also the author of several nature-based children's books and is a natural science educator in the greater Boston area.  Her 'Let's Find Out' program carries her across the state in pursuit of the wonder of children!

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