Saturday, January 10, 2015

Two Poems by Sheikha A.


The palanquin's embellished
and the hour is saturated with
bigotry.  I have castigated
this inchoate night with the vein
of a valiant, contrariwise to
my writing of these lines:
desultory of ink/dissipated of sin;
we are far beyond exhuming
deaths.  The bones are rank
with freshness of life, flesh seizures
under the evolution after burial
and the hour awaits its master.
A few strands, a photo, needle,
blood from the juiciest rose
and a single stitch.  The hour is


herald the fragrance of wood and pulp,

the crinkling, colourful, glossy spread of rustling
sheets smoothed out on a wooden table musty
under the damp, humid breeze of the rickety
fan set in a ceiling of mouldy realities; exquisite
art of generations living past covert rebounds
become sedimentary trinkets of salvaged luck
as vendors objectifying the meagre to grand

by scissors sharp sliding through in crisp delight,
deft hands expertly inventing snip, fold and flip
creating intrique or costly poetry from ordinary
stories ancestral, refined in new age sanguinity
over dulled philosophies; unwinding emotions
now huddled, closing with the night; stemmed to
perfection, decorated and propped for survival

to be sold tomorrow.

Sheikha A. has authored a poetry ebook, available on, titled "Spaced," published by Hammer and Anvil Books.  Writing from a young age, she believes in empathy and its dominant influence on writing as a whole.  Being always disinclined to speaking about herself, she prefers her poetry fill that space instead.  Published in several magazines and anthologies, she intends to see her poetry put into books to be read and discussed widely.

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