Saturday, January 24, 2015

A Poem by Aidan Clarke

For the Macbeths

I suppose by now you know
the dark and violent sea
the two of you are crossing
has no far shore.
Come back to the beach old man.
All great Neptune's ocean
will not wash that blood clean from your hand
but a thimble of tears is enough.
Tell your weeping lady wife
all the perfume of Arabia
will not sweeten her little hand
but a petal of love will suffice.

Aidan Clarke has been a writer for more than 3 decades during most of which he has lived, worked and walked around in Newcastle Upon Tyne.  He has been performing his poetry at Spoken Word events for 4 years.  His USP is a menu of around 140 poems each of which he can perform off by heart on request.

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