Tuesday, July 8, 2014

A Poem by S.E. Ingraham


Making love is much like making Pavlova, she thinks
as she straddles his warm body and eases herself
onto him carefully, slips down,
until she lays completely prone atop him,
fitting every inch of her body to every inch of his.
They were nearly the same height
so this was easily do-able, and she loved to do it.

As with making the meringue, she knows the beauty
of the thing is partly in keeping it still so as not to break it;
she and her love also share this motionlessness, like a gift.
Looking into each other’s eyes, they link hands, intertwine fingers.
With a small sigh, she raises his arms above his head,
inhales a heady mixture of the outdoors
and wood smoke, distinctly his...

A twinge in his loins produces a grin
that she quickly chases from her face
He maintains a neutral expression, evens his breath,
calms his ardour, tries to prolong the moment.
He holds her gaze, dares her to look away...
She does not, but her legs stiffen, he can feel her toes curling;
knows she is close.

All thoughts of frothy egg-whites, real whipped cream
and sugary confection evaporate
as she drapes her hair like a thick silky curtain around his head,
starts to breathe into his ear...
He groans, is about to protest when she begins to move, ever so slightly
Acknowledging her acquiescence, he answers her smallest of thrusts
with one of his own
They soar, in concert finally, lose themselves
in each other, the perfect mix...
Know that even if the fragility of the moment
breaks apart, they will not.

S.E.Ingraham, penning poems from Edmonton, Alberta, is pleased with how 2014 is going. Free Fall mag is publishing her short-listed poem, "Superman's Sheet"; two of her poems appear in Kind of a Hurricane Press's Something's Brewing, and, Ingraham's glosa, "Table for Three" won the 2013 Tom Howard Poetry Prize. Her favourite highlight to date is winning a neighbourhood sidewalk contest, near where her grandsons live, delighted that not only will her words be "etched in stone" but that the boys will be able to read her, and walk on her, in perpetuity. More of her work may be found on any of her blogs - e.g. http://whenthepenbleeds.blogspot.ca/?zx=5e81d503bfb3f14d or,


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