Monday, July 28, 2014

A Poem by Dan Jacoby

parmita dana (perfection of clarity)
greatest power of the mind
seeing what’s not there
mystery of making things up
a cowboy on a horse
a lab named spot
doing best with  nonexistent deadlines
mad hatter dinner at seven be there
bring face painted flowers,
too conventional,
bring antique standing mirror,
any house can use another
bring a book
books stay quiet
when you want to think
except one missing
last page
leave the windows open
so your music and I
can converse
gives the moonlight
something worth shining on
a warm breeze that comes
with gentle rain as
elfin ears hear
different soft whispers
every night parfait
real life doesn’t measure up
to what’s in the mind


Dan Jacoby lives in Illinois on a very old family farm. He is a former student, special forces soldier, spy, steel worker,  teacher, coach, mentor, and principal.  He has published poetry in  the Shore Review, Deep South Magazine, Lines and Stars, Red Booth Review, Wilderness House Literary Review, and Red Fez. He has work soon to be published in Ascent Aspirations Magazine, The Vehicle, and Steel Toe Review.

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