Sunday, August 5, 2012

A Poem by Rishan Singh


My heart can only express,
m y feelings,
my gestures,
my wants,
for you, my love.

Feelings overwhelm desires
Love is sweet,
when it is delectable to see,
encapturing to watch ,
forgiving when your eyes
meet mine and my body
escapes into a world unfamiliar
with the blood
roaring through my veins.

My love for you,
is like an ocean.
Do you oversee my mistakes
of being too wide and
taking over my thoughts?
Do you oversee an excuse
of being hasty at times,
if not too feisty?
Would you ever delete a lie
of me being bigger
than I really am?
just for me, my love.

My love,
my love for you is a sight,
seen in my eyes,
sought by (a love),
a once first love,
a sadness combin ed with
the redness;
a thunderous exuberance, of this love,
that engulfs my soul, burning me inside,
fever rising,
blood rushing to my head,
craving the passion undefinable
between our voices.

Your love for me
blooms with no rain.
I perceive your correctness
of being too defined and
perfect for my being.
I deceive your actions
of being too perfect,
if not dejected by choice.
I hold you in my arms
to cure and massage your pain;
to mend my own.

My love for you,
makes me nervous.
do you ever forgive?
do you ever give?
do you ever thrive
for my love too, love?
But how is your love for me?
How do I teach you to love
when the words of your heart are etched
on the tombstones of your father,
and the strings of my heart
slain and in vain.

Rishan Singh is a South African, prize-winning, poet who was born in KwaZulu-Natal, a province in which the city of Durban in based in the Republic of South Africa. He has had poetry published in journals and books and has worked as a tut or in Biochemistry and Analytical Biochemistry at the Durban University of Technology in Durban, South Africa. His achievements in poetry initially saw him start as an amateur p oet struggling to even find a publication or platform to showcase his work, to being recognised as a literary icon in 5 different countries by ordinary people and award-winning poets and English Professors. Writing is one of his professions.

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