Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Poem by Marilyn Braendeholm

Tonight we invite nightmares
To visit our sleep. Pick one
From this string of fluttering flags,
Where sacred prayers and elaborate rituals
Once blessed high summits with dreams.

Good intentions, charms and chanting.
Repeating rhymes in dead languages
As we exorcise our demons while we sleep.

Belief we say has lost its meaning,
It lacks significance. We live where gods
And goddesses were once indigenous,
Now endangered in this thin cirrus whipped air.
Enlightened, we are our own worst nightmare.

Marilyn Braendeholm lives in the United Kingdom. Her hobbies include religious (gothic) architecture, gardening, recipe testing, baking yeasted and sourdough bread, photography, and writing. She has participated in four NaPoWriMo challenges, starting in 2010, and has poetry published with Mouse Tales Press. She has two grown sons and two grandchildren. You may find more of her work at her writing blog and her cooking blog.

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  1. Reminds me of Schopenhauer. One can only lean toward the good. Every action produces both good and evil. We can only try to lean toward the good and mitigate the evil with our limited vantage try to discern the two...and often mistake the two. Thank you for this.

  2. "Enlightened we are our own worst nightmare" powerful closing line that shall stay with me. Thought provoking -haunting piece. Kudos Misk.

  3. When I see your name, I know I'm in for a treat. Your words never disappoint, Misk. And I agree with the others above me - your closing is amazing.

  4. This is a gorgeous piece, Misky. This line is particularly haunting...and yet somehow enticing (and isn't that the point, after all?):

    "Pick one
    From this string of fluttering flags"

  5. Oh -- love this, Misk! Sad, and yes, haunting -- as Pearl said -- but lovely too. :-)

  6. Fantastic Misk!! Love that phrase "thin cirrus whipped air" absolutely wonderful :-)

  7. "Repeating rhymes in dead languages" - such richness of imagery and word use here Misk in this poem that will have me musing about it all day long ... congrats ...

  8. I think this one will stay with me awhile. :)