Saturday, September 17, 2022

Two Poems by Bradford Middleton

A Small Family Reunion (As That Is All That Remain)

I sit here in my room in
This town, my adopted home,
And realize to the north lay
Responsibility and all that
Other adult stuff whilst to my
South, I can hear it on a stormy day,
Is the sea that I occasionally
Dream of riding a dingy to
Freedom over towards the wonders
Of beautiful France and a 
Glorious family reunion.

Newly Normal Kinda Saturday

Another Saturday comes around as slowly
Life returns to some kind of new normal, a
Time when we hope the death of loved ones as
Well as forgotten ones becomes a rare &
Tragic occurrence, as today I sit here with
My radio keeping me updated on all things
Football and the words tumbling from my
Fingers onto this page as with ten minutes to
Kick-off the triumphant roar is yet to come
Screaming from within & right now, beyond
A bit of herb, and the idea of some biscuits &
Tea there ain't much else to do on this, a newly
Normal kinda Saturday . . . 

Bradford Middleton lives in Brighton, UK.  His poems and stories are dotted all over the internet as well as in journals, anthologies, zines and four individual chapbooks.  He is currently looking to sell his latest novel to the highest bidder.  Get in touch @BradfordMiddle5 on Twitter if interested.

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