Friday, July 29, 2016

A Poem by Evie Ivy


It was some confusion that
Caused the rash, though you
Have always thought you could
Walk on half destroyed.
And you've dreamed that you
Stood still as your mind

Moved on to explode on distant
Roads you had to travel.
While you walked you worked
To understand him, as you saw
Him kick and be the one to cry.

Playing god you threw out
His words to start time new
Again, but he became his words
And walked toward obscurity.
You could still see his anger
Yet now can't hear him.

Now you move on and look
Toward the smiling world,
And keep the pillows fluffed
So you can wake-up and walk
Altogether in the morning.

Evie Ivy is a poet/dancer in the NYC poetry circuit.  She hosts one of the longest running poetry series in NYC, the Green Pavilion Poetry Event.  She has 3 chapbooks out, including "Selected Cinquains" (Grey Book Press).  She has a book out called "The First Woman Who Danced," poems based on her experiences as a dancer/dance instructor and her latest is "Living in 12-Tone . . . and other poetic forms."  Her work has also appeared in various anthologies and websites, including Luvure litteraire, Versewrights, First Literary Review-East, and others.

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