Wednesday, July 20, 2016

A Poem by Bonnie Quan Symons

My Stargazer Lilies

               desymbolized my wedding day flower
               of two decades ago.

When my son told me that his Dad
had brought his mistress to Swiss Chalet,
to join him and his grandpa for dinner,

I was glad I spent the day with my love--

               YVR Fairmont Hotel for afternoon tea,
               dinner at his brother's home.

Despite my ex's insensitive behavior,
I focused on the positive.

As I medicated myself to sleep,
my lilies' scent infused the air.

Bonnie Quan Symons' poems have been published in Canada (Ricepaper Magazine and Vancouver Courier), United States (Four and Twenty, Resurrectionist Review, and Kind of a Hurricane Press), and Australia (Skive Magazine).  She is a member of Pandora's Collective, Poetric Justice, and Writers' International Network (WIN).  She works as an Administrative Assistant at the BC Teachers' Federation and lives in Vancouver, Canada.

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