Sunday, May 10, 2015

A Poem by Alan Catlin

Hellcat on Wheels

In her twenties, prime vocations
of record were:  folk singing, poetry
and practicing blonde babe.  Idle
hours were spent admiring herself
in mirrors, still bodies of clear water.
Success in all fields gradually eluding
her, relationships ended, time performing
now spent on padding her resume with
an excess of pounds.  Arts abandoned
for an unfulfilling dead end job,
one night stands, occasional weekend
sleepovers slowly remaking her into
the kind of woman who had the moxie
and the body to sincerely say,
"I gave up poetry for Roller Derby."
Joined a team called the Hellcats,
made the road squad as Badass Bertha,
a rogue elbow and a forearm smash away
from  an Ode to Immortality.

Alan Catlin has published a number of books in several genres.  His most recent poetry book is, Alien Nation, a compilation of four thematically related chapbooks.  His latest chapbook is Beautiful Mutants from Night Ballet Press.

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