Sunday, March 15, 2015

Three Poems by Stephen Jarrell Williams

Moving On

Night dampening my bag of belongings
Walking down the railroad tracks

A chill coming from both sides
Consecrated woods and deserted fields

Black Widows hiding under the rails
Webs on wooden beams of a splintery bridge

A river cutting across the naked back of the land
Directions I've been and squandered my luck

I'm jobless at the end of another season
Calm and accepting and low on spit

Towns and cities in the faraway landscape
Dimming lights rusting soft behind me

I cannot see any other escape
No truth beacons or winning lottery tickets

A few women moaning for my touch
I am that fading apparition

Heather was a spunky young girl
Took me on her roller-coaster climb

Pink hickeys around my tattoos
She sucked me into a desert with a single crossroad

Small town and not enough jobs
And she knew I was too long a phantom

With her voodoo cigs and electric bras
She ramped me up all those crazy nights

I'm not broken just badly worn
Down a bit beginning to grin

A train whistling in the distance
The Midnight Savior a quick and easy way out

Heather the last relationship of consequence
Moving on to the next bearable life.

Setting Her Free

Powdery scan of stars
Wishfully extending heavens

A silence beyond

The air down here
Slow curling sweetness

Garden in the dimming sunset
Soft soil cultivated
Bare feet walking

No show of secrecy
She has a spirit of wings

I would hold her
Contain her
But I have learned that lesson

Into the distance her silhouette

As the moments break

I bow
And set her free.


Slipping out
of my skin

out of my mind

spirit searching


limitless unknowing

I'm raw

a see-through shadow man
desperate to find the truth.

Stephen Jarrell Williams loves to write in the middle of the night with a grin and grimace and a flame in his heart.  He is the editor of Dead Snakes at

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