Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A Poem by Amy Barry

Candy Colours
Sunset paints the room
pink, red, yellow and gold.
A pleasant numbness
settles in my bones.
It dances
inside my head.
You bring the same
to your seduction
as you do to your music.
Eyes shut,
I smell the leather
of your coat,
the cigarettes on your lips.
Almost fearful,
I kiss you
Risking my life
with that kiss.
Like a fool.
Like an animal-
Desperately in love.
by a current
of wild happiness
that is dangerous,
but strangely-
Amy Barry writes poems and short stories. She has worked in the media, hotel and Oil& Gas industries. Her poems have been published in anthologies, journals, and e-zines, in Ireland and abroad. Her poems have been read and shared over the radio in Australia, Canada and Ireland. Trips to India, Nepal, China, Bali, Paris, Berlin and Tramore-have all inspired her work. When not inspired to write, she plays Table Tennis.

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