Friday, March 21, 2014

Three Poems by Diane Webster

Wedding Vision

Blue jay and robins
march us down
the evergreen tree aisle way
in sister-woman-sister love.
We hold hands on the edge of a mountain
with our valley future in panoramic views.
Should we jump?
Leap away from marriage,
we don't pledge
soul mates till death,
welded by wedding bands
for all to see or not to see,
love in the eye of the beholder?


Stand on the balcony with my love
and greet the crowd like a coronation
of a new royal spouse.
Stroll hand in hand in the park,
giggle in an elm tree's shade
and kiss so old couples pass
with "remember when" glances.
Receive parents' blessings
and have friends angry
because we can't see beyond
each other's eyes.
A consummation, an approval, joined
to share and meet the world
as one.

Soul Mates

On this crisp morning we walk
like children pretending to exhale
great plumes of cigarette smoke
or dragons blowing flames
to envelop the tiny knight
struggling to inject us with
the poisoned sword.
But this cold, oppressive day
your soul breathes momentarily
reaching for the clouds above . . .
when failing I feel
the whisper of your breath
like lilac in May.
We stop.
Breath, soul, fragrance
mingle, vaporize
in ever shortening gasps
until only a breath separates
our lips.
I inhale your exhale
you inhale my exhale
we breathe in visible

Diane Webster, like a cat, enjoys gazing out a window to watch squirrels spiral up and down weeping willow branches, to watch sparrows and finches push and shove for the choicest eating spot on the bird feeders while junco ground feeders peck at the spillage, and to watch nothing while she daydreams.  Diane's work has appeared in Conceit Magazine, Laughing Dog, Ken*Again and other literary magazines.

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