Saturday, March 1, 2014

A Poem by Joyce Kessel

The Permanence of Memory

The resonance of genius
Passed thru nature and nurture and words
and smoke
the mirrored lift of an eyebrow
the stretching of arms
palms upward
to accept smoke and words and dance
and savor meanings and nuance
rhythms and beat and drumming and the echoes
the layers of words and smoke
tangible still
restlessly moving
magicians with words and smoke
and reincarnation
all words still flesh

Joyce Kessel has published two chapbooks of poetry:  SECRET LIVES and DESCRIBING THE DARK (Saddle Road Press, 2013) and her work has appeared in The Healing Muse, WNY Poets Waging Words for Peace, cell2soul,, Nickel City Nights Anthology, and Kind of a Hurricane Press' antholgies:  Barbie and Point Mass.  An editing member of Earth's Daughter feminist arts periodical, she teaches literature, writing, and interdisciplinary courses at Villa Marie College.

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