Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Two Poems by Brandon C. Spalletta


Twilight fell like silent rain,
memories felt hallucinogenic and beautiful,
popping into existence like lightning
thrown through a lifeless sky,

visions of familiar children laughing
and tire swinging in an open yard,
the Potomac's peaceful power, a one-eyed
Tiger still hunting for love,
broken bones and friendship,

but we have become a screaming corpse
waltzing and pirouetting our way through
forgotten fractions that once comprised
a legitimately perfect equation.

We have come to rest in this residual realm
of remembrance, a place that no longer produces
any form of pleasure or protection,
much like a weeping willow earning its moniker
through a storm, a place
that like these barren days is passing
and that's alright because let's face it,

this world,

our world,

was never paradise.

Unwritten Letters
For Ashley

In the letters that I only wrote to you
in my head, those years that you became
the angelic voice I had prayed for,
we sat on the edge of waterfalls
and you had a yellow flower
in your fiery hair.
We chattered like children in the sun,
twenty-something years young,
engulfed in smiles and lost
more blissfully than the mist
spraying over the edge.
I held your hand and I profess my madness now,
but I felt your hand on mine from afar,
the warmth of your skin,
saw forever in your loving eyes
and into the future
in a few unwritten letters.

Brandon C. Spalletta is a poet from Herndon, Virginia who lives with his beautiful wife and best friend.  He is currently a substitute teacher for Fairfax County in Northern VirginiaHis poetry has appeared in Pyrokinection, Jellyfish Whispers, and in the anthologies These Human Shores, Volumes 1 & 2.  He invites all to check out his homepage at and would love to hear from you!

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