Monday, January 6, 2014

A Poem by Michael Ray Perkins

Gooseberry Pie
the green kind
grew by
my great grandmother’s shed
the one that was falling down
her  modest yard of tawny bushes
was yearly the subject
of much joy and
and we would go over
me with my grandfather
to view them
when they came on
after his mother called
to spread the tidings 
lots of sugar
was required
to make the comfort food
of those most tart berries
so sour you spit them out raw otherwise
I think they made
just a pie or two
but here we are
still talking about them
still talking of them
all these years gone by
even though I
never found
a taste for gooseberry pie
I savor the memory
Michael Ray Perkins was born in Harrisburg, Missouri, in 1956, the son and grandson of country people.  Both sides of his family have lived in Missouri for more than 150 years - longer than it has been a state.  He worked on a ranch before serving as an Army medic and then a Navy corpsman with the Marines.  He studied history and political science and earned an MSW in social work.  He lives in mid-Missouri with his wife and the youngest two of his four children.

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