Friday, November 8, 2013

Two Poems by Sharon Rothenfluch Cooper

Thoughts about disappointments
rarely run away with purpose.
Wishes are only whims and head
droops in mocking silhouette
formed to placate the moment.
There's rhythm in time's passage
that's touched with the barest
of breeze to soothe taut nerves.
Lips taste curious excitement
and my strings shake
with calculated risk - desire a magnet.
     I tremble, I want, I need...

Sculpted Imagination
In that floating moment
before morning
when night turns
from the rising light,
dreams quiver
in a nauseous state.
I feel like -
I'm holding my breath,
waiting for tragedy
to bleed me of sap.
In the shiver of morning,
daylight knocks
and the dream winks
and closes its eyes
as mine pop open.
With throbbing pulse
the suffocating fear
washes away.

Sharon Rothenfluch Cooper’s poetry has appeared in numerous International, hard copy and internet magazines.  Her chapbook, ‘Reach Beyond’ was winner of a MAG Press, International Chapbook Competition  and she has two chapbooks, Mood Magic and A Slice of Life published by Tamafyhr Mountain Poetry.  Twenty-three of her poems were presented in the play, ‘Soldier’s Heart’ to Sold Out audiences and recorded on DVD. Her latest published pieces are 'featured' in the Summer issue of Poetry Quarterly and published in the October issue of Flutter.

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