Monday, September 30, 2013

Three Poems by Les Merton

In The Garden
Eve reached
              beyond knowledge

            through icy leaves
            past imagination
            into shadow
her innocent hands
cupped succulent temptation
her body trembled
she thought
of Adam, of Adam, of Adam…
In Cairo
at the Pyramid Street Museum.
Blue depth shadow
sunwashed with twilight rests.
The Nile reflects quivering
moons of felucca sails.
Here feathered arms protect
the dead of a thousand years,
Isis is unveiled
in flights of fantasy
by delicate brush strokes
and generations of knowledge.

The fragrant heartwood
incense makes me think
of a soap never used,
of a guru never found,
of a time when…
Everything made sense.
San Francisco
was as close as the flower
in your hair.
Love was all that was needed
to change the world.
wasn’t that far away -
was perfect for Om.
And the lingering
aroma of Sandalwood
is the evergreen link
to a wise old saying
from the east:
When the time is right
your guru will find you.
Les Merton is Cornish and proud of it. He lives in an historic heart of the tin mining area and he has become a prolific writer with 20 books to his credit, (many of which are available from Amazon and other online retailers.) Les has been published in magazines around the world and he is the founder editor of Poetry Cornwall which started in 2002.  In recent times his first play, The Last Cornishman, was performed and he appeared on ITV's That Sunday Night Show.

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