Saturday, September 14, 2013

A Poem by Sarah Thursday

Viscosity is the
resistance of fluid to
eventual deformation by
shear or tensile stress.
Viscosity is due to
friction of opposing
parcels of fluid at
varied velocities.
Pressure is needed to
overcome the friction between
the layers and keep the
fluid moving.
Viscosity depends on
the size, shape, and
attraction between
particles. For example,
honey has a higher
viscosity than water.
A fluid with no
resistance to stress is
known as ideal or
inviscid fluid. This
explains so much about
my life. Am I honey or
am I inviscid?
Sarah Thursday was mostly raised in Long Beach, California.  She teaches 4th and 5th grade, is obsessed with music, and has only recently dove into poetry again. She has forthcoming or has been published in Stylus Magazine, The Long Beach Union (CSULB), The Atticus Review, Eunoia Review, East Jasmine Review, Yonic South, poeticdiversity, and a project called Please Judge: Short Stories Based on the Songs of Roky Erickson. She has also made five chapbooks over the years. Recently, she has become the editor of Cadence Collective: Long Beach Poets, almost by accident, but completely on purpose.

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