Saturday, November 10, 2012

A Poem by Larry Marshall Sams

The Human Fence
“Protesters Vow to Form Human Fence”—Greenwood Commonwealth 16 Oct. 2008: 1
As barrier, I surpass a dead wall
What person that I exist to keep out
equipped with a right thinking mind
would dare consider breaking through
The state’s committee wasted asinine months
selecting its exact candidate
Now my constituents thread the power
of their alternate choice along my length
The pales of this awful palisade
anchor together like corporeal steel
A reinforced Hummer snarling into me
would jolt backwards probably thirteen feet
So any puny candidate, even supported
by a horde of thousands, with the daring
to try my confirmed and resolute might
will painfully learn the word impenetrable
 Larry Marshall Sams' work has appeared in over forty publications, among others "The Mississippi Review," "POETALK," "Phantasmagoria," and "Valley Voices."

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