Saturday, March 3, 2018

A Poem by Jeff Grimshaw

Sad Day for Turtles

I'm drawing turtles
On the cottage cheese containers

It's my animal it's my anima

There is a new disease
I am anxious to take for a test drive

There is a recurring dream 
I would like to reboot,

I text to Janine.
I spin and spin and spin and spin

And things fly away and things return,
Screws to be tightened, or tossed in the air--

Hey says the man behind the deli counter
What are you doing with that marker?

Turtles, I say, and text
BRB to Janine

I have much more to tell the deli man
But he's not interested

Jeff Grimshaw has had poems and stories published (among other places) in New York Quarterly, Asimov's SF, and Mad Swirl.  He's the co-writer of the screenplay for Michel Gondry's movie The We & The I (2013).  Chapbooks include Lazy Boy v. Crazy Girl (2007) and two collaborations with the painter RoByn Thompson, 10 Days in January (2015) and 10 Days in September (2017), which can be downloaded for free in pdf from here and here.  He generally makes his living as a baker, and lives in Milford, NJ.

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