Tuesday, February 10, 2015

A Poem by Chase Gagnon


I wonder if aliens write poetry,
comparing their love to the endless stars in their dusty red sky
where our sun is just a faint flicker. 
Do they write with technology beyond ours
or do they still dip their quills into a jar of ink
as dark as the universe between us? 
I wonder what other worlds have spilled their tears
onto a page stroked by the pen
of a mentally unstable genius,
who let his soul gush from out the pores of his gray skin
and travel down his arm 
to the tip of a silver pen 
empty of whatever substance would mark the paper. 
Chase Gagnon is a college freshman from Detroit, currently enrolled in the local community college. He is a recluse who stays up all night reading old books, drinking coffee, and playing Xbox... all while attempting to write decent poetry. His poems have appeared in places such as Otoliths, Modern haiku, Teen Ink, Cattials, and Bones, just to name a few. 

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