Friday, August 15, 2014

A Poem by Tejan Green Waszak


On the waterfront
you blankly stare
waiting for some ship to sail in
or out
and maybe this time you'll get on one
We all know you've never felt you belonged
The winter is killing the flowers but the spirit is awakening
And you with this hatred of these Canadian breezes
at least you know that you're alive
The man who runs the fruit stand
Sees you walking and says hello
Smiling, you manage something inaudible as your hellos are selective
not reserved for strangers
Maybe he is just a nice man hoping for a halo
Everyone down this broken road deserves pleasantries
You are careful as there are cracks in the sidewalk
Ever aware, ever on guard
Waiting for the rain that will make everything new again

Tejan Green Waszak is a New York based writer, educator and doctoral student.  She received an MFA in Creative Writing from Long Island University and a BA in Journalism from Hunter College.  She can often be found consulting with writers about their work in the writing center of Columbia University.

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