Saturday, February 1, 2014

A Poem by Ryan Quinn Flanagan

Everyone Loves a Motorcycle

Everyone loves a motorcycle,
and here it was
cleaned and polished
and set to the curb,
the for sale sign staked
into the lawn
with firing squad finality,
and the neighbourhood kids came
from all around;
the boys climbing on
and playing the outlaw,
the starry-eyed girls
dreaming of something their fathers
wouldn’t like -
60 years after Brando,
the Wild One
in black and white -
this motorbike for sale
in a world              
long sold away;
the silver swanlike handlebars
like some strange chrome god
straight out of

Ryan Quinn Flanagan presently resides under 12 feet of snow in Elliot Lake, Ontario, Canada.  He awaits the spring thaw with great anticipation, and always the next line as well.  

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