Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Poem by Amber Logan

Ridiculous Woman

Credulous woman, take back discretion!
Do not hurl yourself imprudently,
into the arms of the crooked.
Flesh and fantasy; a passing elation,
may quench your salacious greed,
but what will come to be- afterwards,
when the thrill has lost its affluence,
and he is nowhere to be found?

Susceptible woman, take back awareness!
Do not open yourself incautiously,
to some man who does not respect you.
Spoken endearment; a charming illusion,
may appear to be unquestionable,
but what will become of you-thereafter,
when the golden dream has lost its brilliance,
and he has forged ahead, leaving you behind?

Incompetent woman, take back strength!
Do not squander your time impulsively,
on those who will take you for granted.
Though you swear up and down,
to some magnetic allurement;
what will supervene-thereon,
when loneliness recommences,
and he still hasn''t bothered to call?

Amber Logan is a 32 year old female poet (but prefers not to label herself) who has been gorging her thoughts onto paper, ever since she was 8 years old. Born and raised in Canada, Amber has been published several times in various calendars, journals, and has been featured poet on twice on Moontowncafe's popular website. Amber has often claimed that writing was a necessary outlet growing up; a tool to cope with the ongoing misery of adolescence. A fan of cynicism, Amber's work is often bathed in sarcasm, but also beautiful dark. Finding time to sit down and write these days is often a strugle for her, Amber hopes to publish a book of her work in the near future.

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